Local Weather Forecast

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 at 3:56pm by

Tonight: Mostly clear. Low 36. Winds N 5-10.

Tomorrow: Sunny. High 69. Winds S 10-15.

Tomorrow Night: Mostly clear. Low 45. Winds S 5-10.

Thursday: Mostly Sunny. High 74. Winds S 10-15.

Dry air is being pumped into the Brazos Valley as a result of a high pressure system to the west of the area. High northerly winds and low humidities are resulting in fire danger across southeast Texas. Winds will swing around to the South as this high pressure center moves off to the east, increasing humidities. The gusty winds we saw today should die down tonight to around 5-10 mph. With continuing northerly winds and dry air, tonight will be cold, but that same drier air will allow highs to approach 70 tomorrow with clear, sunny skies.